Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 32

Day- 32
Date- 5-15-16
Location- Hiker Heaven Hostel
Elevation- 2,543
Distance Traveled Today- 10.2 miles
Distance Traveled Total-  454.5 miles
Weather/Temp-  overcast/sunny 60s 70s
Injuries- none
Pain level- low
Spirits/Morale- nostalgic
Days without shower- 2
Hunger/craving- low


We were hiking by 6 am,  and luckily it was overcast with a strong breeze, making for an easy and pleasant hike,  even carrying Katana over two thousand feet of climbs. 


The short day was completely unmemorable, except for the last couple miles into town.  We traveled through a famous amalgamation of rocks known as the “Vasquez Rocks.”


This section made you feel like you were quite literally hiking on another planet.  Others must have thought so too,  because films such as “Planet of the Apes,” “Star Trek,” and “Holes,” had been filmed there.  I believe there’s more,  but u can’t recall them at the moment.  Anyways,  they were quite unique rock formations.


For the first time,  the trail snaked right through the heart of town. It’s always nice when you don’t have to hitch.

We decided to stay at a free hostel in town,  and for the first time,  I really felt the hiker camaraderie that I’d experienced every day on the AT. It was interesting, because the other first time thru hikers hadn’t experienced anything like the family atmosphere that this friendly hostel provided, up until now.  Honestly,  it was the fire pit in the center of the property that did it.  Good ol’ fire,  and its ability to bring strangers together.  It made me nostalgic for the days back on the AT…

Katana was doing even better today,  however I still wasn’t going to let her walk.  Her energy is good,  but she’s been nicknamed “the pirate,” with her little one eyed squint. I’m glad her predicament is slowly working itself out. 

My girlfriend sent me booties,  mush wax, and sweet tea! The wax will help her paws,  but I don’t think there is a prayer she’ll wear her booties to hike…


The plan is to do as many miles as possible tomorrow.  I’ll have to see what Katana, and myself are up for….


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  1. Keep putting the booties on her and she will get used to them! Change is hard to accept but she will eventually love the feel of her feet wearing them. Enjoy the rest and kindness. Be safe, Carla

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