Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 31

Day- 31
Date- 5-14-16
Location- KOA Acton
Elevation- 2,252 ft
Distance Traveled Today- zero
Distance Traveled Total- 444.5 miles
Injuries- none
Pain level- zero
Spirits/Morale- High
Days without shower- 1
Hunger/craving- low


Katana’s eye was less crusty this morning before I cleaned it out, and she’s able to open it about halfway.  It’s a major improvement over yesterday.

I wanted nothing to do with hiking today,  or putting any unnecessary stress on Katana,  so I decided to take a zero. The campground has a pool to swim in,  so it wasn’t a hard decision to make.

I spent the day lounging around,  eating,  talking, and letting Katana sleep; She definitely needed it.

The plan for tomorrow is to wake up very early and hike ten miles into the town of Agua Dulce, carrying Katana, before the day has a chance to get hot. We’ll see how it goes…

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  1. Just now stumbling on your blog and site while browsing books to prep for my upcoming AT thru. Saw in your bio that you’re from Navarre and thought I’d give a “howdy neighbor!” Thanks for the inspo. Good to know a Florida-born has a chance in elevation. Also, coincidentally enough, I’ve been watching the Homemade Wanderlust channel endlessly over the past month. (Thought that pup looked familiar!) That Dixie is my hero.

    I spent the last hour getting caught up on your PCT adventure till this point. Definitely hard to put down. Can’t wait to pick your AT books up.

    1. Small world! Are you from navarre, or another part of Florida?

      Jessica (Dixie) and I are still in the far north right now. We’ll be back in the south soon though, I hope.

      There is a PCT book available, so don’t spoil it with the blog!

      1. I’m from Jupiter FL, but really I’ve lived in Pensacola for the past 13 years. My wife Amanda used to live in Navarre and has fam over there so we visit occasionally, whether its to hang with them, or to have a quiet beach day or to go surfing or birding. Navarre is absolutely lovely.

        Yeah. It was hard to stop reading your PCT blog but I figured I’d put it down in favor of reading both books. I’m really interested in reading what you have to say about your AT hammock experience. I am SUPER looking forward to doing the same and from my research it’s a popular option, but of all the narratives and books I’ve read so far, it seems that not many AT authors have opted to hang. Plus the fact that you seem to coze’ in warmer temps as much as I do, I’m encouraged that maybe perhaps I won’t freeze and die. lol. To make extra sure tho, I’m seriously considering a VA-ME, VA-GA flipflop. Being a veteran AT NOBO, do you have thoughts on that route one way or the other? (It will be my first thru hike and I’ll be solo if it matters.)

        Y’all have a good time in the snow up there! I think fall weather is finally kicking off down here in the south today!

        (Sorry if you’re recieving multiples of the same reply. I can’t see if WordPress is letting me post back so… I just kept trying different ways.)

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