Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 24

Day- 24
Date- 5-7-14
Location- Cajon Pass
Elevation-  3,048 ft
Distance Traveled Today- zero
Distance Traveled Total- 341.9
Weather/Temp- windy, 60s
Injuries- object in leg
Pain level- low
Spirits/Morale- High
Days without shower- 0
Hunger/craving- low


We decided to take the day off.  It was incredibly windy, with foreboding clouds over the mountains we’re headed for.

The extra day will do Katana some good.  The last thing I want to do, is have her start hopping a few miles into the day,  then be stuck carrying her for 20 continuous uphill miles,  potentially in inclement weather.  I think even I would have a tough time finding the humor in that situation.

Besides sitting around and eating, there really isn’t much to say about today. I’m not even going to refer to the object in my leg as an injury anymore; it no longer bothers me while I’m hiking. Every now and then, while I’m laying in my hammock,  I’ll feel that area begin to sharply pulsate, like whatevers in there is either getting pushed out,  or pushed in. It’s not painful,  but it definitely gets my attention.


The plan is to hit the trail tomorrow,  no matter what.  There were only two gas stations here in Cajon,  so we only did a light resupply with snacks. Our goal is to reach a real town in two days,  get in,  get real food,  then get out…

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