Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 23

Day- 23
Date- 5-6-16
Location- Cajon Pass
Elevation- 3,048
Distance Traveled Today- 13.5
Distance Traveled Total- 341.9
Weather/Temp- super windy, 60s
Injuries- object in leg
Pain level- low
Spirits/Morale- High
Days without shower- 0
Hunger/craving- High


Had a semi pleasant sleep in the weird boiler room.  Besides a rat  incident around midnight, chewing into Schweppes‘s food bag,  then him flailing around trying to exterminate it, waking Mason and I up. The rat got away…


I hit the trail at 6:30, with Katana on my shoulders. With fast food on my mind, I blazed down the trail all morning,  with one short break. Other than being incredibly windy,  there was nothing exceptional about today.  It was ridges and canyons,  ridges and canyons,  all the way to interstate 15, and McDonald’s.


We hiked so fast,  we finished the more than 13 miles by 11:30. Katana rode the whole way,  but by the time I set her down in Cajon,  she was walking normally.  We’re taking the rest of the day off, so it’ll be extra time for her to relax and recover.


I went completely overboard at McDonald’s,  then subway,  then Del Taco. I gotta hand it to them,  they might be a little better than Taco Bell…


There’s some nasty weather in the area,  and it’s snowing on the mountain we have to climb next,  so we’re playing it by ear tomorrow. It’s the start of a 25 mile continuous climb up to 8,000, so we’re not taking it lightly if the weather is horrendous…

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  1. Hah, I should have read “Blogging on the trail” BEFORE I commented !! Perhaps another cup of coffee…

  2. I finally finished your book and am now caught up on your PCT blog. Two things I’ve noticed that are different (between the two adventures), the PCT seems less adventuresome as the AT and it seems that you haven’t met as many thru-hikers, that reappear. This could also be the effect of blog vs. book,. Still following and watching out for Katana. 🙂 Be safe. Keep inspiring…..

  3. Ok, so you can tell I read the blogs in order by my comments. I see you went for the Mc D’s but glad you sampled others. Loving your journey and anxiously waiting for your next blog to post!

  4. Just found out about your blog. I love your insight and photos. I too am an owner of a shiba inu, fun and funny little dog. I’m looking forward to reading more about your adventures. Both of you stay safe!

  5. Dude! Great job so far! Found your blog a few days ago. You and your team are an inspiration. Following along from Ocean Springs, MS.

  6. Kyle, thinking back to your AT&T hike and now the PCT, which one wears you down faster?

  7. There was a little article in the Fort Walton Beach paper about your current hike. Have read all of your blogs today. Also followed your posts a couple years ago. Good luck on this hike.

  8. What happened to Katana? Funny when you where describing hiking fast thinking about fast food…….. then your reward. Thanks for the posts and pictures. Take care and keep rodents away!

  9. I am enjoying reading about your journey and look forward to your new posts in my email inbox.

      1. In Arizona they have classes to rattlesnake proof your dog! My sister moved there from MN and they put their dog thru it. It involves a shock collar and a rattle snake. It didn’t take long for her to learn!

  10. I’m fascinated!! Just read lost on at for the second time, and loved it again! Following along from south Alabama! 🙂

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