Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 18

Day- 18
Date- 5-1-16
Location- Big Bear
Elevation- 6,759 feet
Distance Traveled Today- zero hiking
Distance Traveled Total- not sure yet
Weather/Temp- rainy,  cloudy, 50s
Injuries- object in leg
Pain level- low
Spirits/Morale- anxious to hike
Days without shower- 0
Hunger/craving- low


The ride came through around 11 am.   After a stop at the supermarket for resupply, a Mediterranean restaurant for lunch, and a gas station,  we all made it up to Big Bear around 5 pm.


Our other three travel mates were a girl from northern California, a young man from Switzerland who didn’t speak good English, and another young guy from Mobile, Alabama who was familiar with my home town of Navarre, Florida. The driver was a young woman going to school to be a brain surgeon.

It was a pleasant drive filled with laughs and stories,  and I was glad to have traveled that way, rather than a bus, or some other form of official transportation.

I have a package waiting for me at the Big Bear post office that contains my extra large Western Mountaineering 20 degree mummy sleeping bag. I’m dying to get it due to the recent cold conditions.  My down quilt has been working beautifully,  but I’ve had one problem with it…  If it was just me, the quilt would be perfect,  but I have a rambunctious, indecisive little dog with me.  Sometimes she wants to be under the quilt,  sometimes on top of it,  sometimes just leaning on the edge of it.  Either way,  every time she wants to make a move to sleep a different way on the quilt,  it pulls up the edges,  creating a freezing draft,  waking me up as a result.  Sometimes it takes me a while to get back to sleep,  and sometimes she wakes me up 6 times in a night.  This giant mummy bag is going to fix the problem once and for all,  and I can’t wait.

I haven’t been on the trail in this area yet,  so I’m not 100% sure what mile I’m at.  I’ll get that all sorted out tomorrow morning.

So for the last time in hopefully a long time,  I’m holed up in a motel 6 next to the post office.  Looking forward to getting the package early, then hitting the trail.  The towns are getting more spaced out, so I’m very happy to be spending more time on the trail,  without the temptation of town food around every corner….

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  1. I’m a hiking virgin….can you show us a meal you eat on the trail! I’m just amazed you can carry all you need in your back and some times a dog too! Be careful and keep up the energy!

  2. Kyle! I just finished reading “Lost on the Appalachian Trail,” which I chose randomly on Amazon. It was fantastic. Now, I find that you and Katana are on a new Adventure, and your readers get to follow along in real time. That’s incredible. Thank you for sharing your experiences and reflections with us at the end of each long day. The ride sounds serendipitous, but here’s hoping some Trail Magic comes your way soon!

  3. Glad I caught your hike early. Didn’t take me long to read up on the last couple weeks. Stay warm…..

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