Day 13

Day- 13
Date- 4-26-16
Location- Idyllwild
Elevation- 5,351 miles
Distance Traveled Today- 20.3? miles
Distance Traveled Total- 179.4 miles
Weather/Temp- clear,  60-70
Injuries- something stuck in my shin
Pain level- low
Spirits/Morale- High
Days without shower- 0
Hunger/craving- low

Last night was probably my coldest night on the trail so far.  The snow quit about halfway through the night,  but we got about 3 or 4 inches. Despite my hammock getting a little drafty at times,  I still slept soundly,  bolstering my confidence in my setup even more. 

Katana made out the best in our situation.  I think she might have even been hot inside the quilt.  Regardless,  she was looking very comfy and well rested this morning. 



It was chilly packing up in the snow in my short shorts, but the sooner we got moving, the sooner I’d warm up.  As usual,  the snow got katana excited.  She’s really in her element when the weather is cool. 


Maybe 200 feet from camp,  Schweppes discovered a paw print from what I can only guess was a small cougar.  Bigger than any dog footprint,  but not so big that it got your blood pumping.


The temperature was already in the 50s and 60s by mid morning,  speeding up the melting process.  The sun was strong, and the wind was back to normal; It was an absolutely gorgeous day. 


As far as the hiking goes,  the scenery and the views were spectacular, but the action on the trail fairly mundane. 


We quickly finished a little less than 4 miles to the detour trail, then followed it several miles down the side of the mountain until it ran into a paved road.  We walked the road for a couple miles before turning onto a dirt road.  We followed the rough dirt road for several more miles before it turned into a trail,  which then quickly dead ended back into hwy 74.


We road walked hwy 74 for 5 miles before it turned sharply uphill, beginning to wind,  with the sides evaporating. With no room to walk, and the danger factor high,  we decided to hitch the last 7 miles into Idyllwild.  From the moment I stuck out my thumb,  we had a ride in about 5 mins….not bad!


Idyllwild is a gorgeous town,  and I plan to invest in some long underwear while I’m here.  With the threat of more bad weather on the horizon,  we may just stay an extra day to explore and soak in some of this west coast mountain town culture…


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  1. Yippee! Today 4-5 of your day stories came in. I’m sitting here munching on dinner feeling guilty but enjoying the reading. Now I’m done reading and can’t wait for my next arrival. God Bless You and your pup. Be safe. Carla

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