Pacific Crest Trail-Pre Hike Road Trip 4/8/16 (Day 1)

Myself, Schweppes, and the CatFox decided to make a road trip out of the journey from Florida to southern California. Several months ago,  I bought a 1993 Honda Civic for $300 specifically for this road trip.  One oil change, one new tire, and four new brake pads later, I deemed her road worthy to make the journey. The plan is to either store it when we get to Cali, or give it away to someone at a bus stop, depending on its performance on this trip.  I used the car as my daily driver for a month prior to this trip in an effort to expose any problems and also get used to driving it;  The car performed rock solid,  not so much as a hiccup.

At 7 am this morning we set out on the road with all our gear,  Houston in our sights as the first stopping point of the road trip.  The plan is to spend the weekend there with some friends and continue on to Cali Monday morning.

We made it 20 miles up to interstate 10, then pulled over at a rest stop so that Schweppes could drive.  As we’re going down the on ramp to get back on the interstate, a loud hiss starts to sound through the car followed by a deafening “POP,” then a “CLUNK,” as we both nearly jump out of our seats.  We quickly pull over and turn off the car thinking we might have a flat.  After a quick inspection of the car,  everything looks perfectly fine and normal.  Perplexed, we get back in and turn it back on; the car is idling incredibly loud and sounds like one of those annoying rice burner cars.

All I can think about is the irony of the situation. On the day we leave, the car decides to break.  I consult Google on my phone and describe the series of events.  I quickly find the diagnosis of a “blown exhaust.”  Next Google search,  “can I drive my car with a blown/cracked exhaust?”  General consensus from the Internet…. “Yes,” however,  the car will run extremely loud, and there is a possible danger from noxious fumes in the cabin.

California or bust, with the windows down the whole way….


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  1. This is already a fun hike and you haven’t even gotten to the trail!!! So excited to once again follow your journey 😊 Dean “Space Ranger” is jealous you are out there starting.

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